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About The Suger Barons - From Wikipedia:

The Fanjul brothers -- Alfonso "Alfy", José "Pepe", Alexander, and Andres—are owners of Flo-Sun, Inc., a vast sugar and real estate conglomerate in the United States and Dominican Republic, comprising the subsidiaries Domino Sugar, Florida Crystals, as well as the airport and resorts surrounding La Romana in the Dominican Republic. As of 2008, the company owned 450,000 acres (1,800 km2) of property.

FanjulCorp's Flo-Sun company is frequently criticized as being the largest recipient of U.S. Government aid and heightened profit due to the protections levied in favor of U.S. sugar producers. It is widely known that sugar costs about two-three times as much in the U.S. as it does on the world market.

FanjulCorp benefits significantly (their net profits average an additional $50 million to $100 million per year due solely to the quota and break-even program). The Fanjul brothers were large shareholders and directors of Southeast Bank before its takeover and liquidation by the FDIC in 1991. In addition, they are the majority shareholders and directors of FAIC Securities, which was investigated by the S.E.C. for regulatory violations.

Their estimates fortune is over USD 500 Million according to the book “Tricks of an IRS Cheat and other scandals you should know about Uncle Sam” page 82, http://tinyurl.com/35kfy4r , other magazines refer to them as Billionaires(see article below).


About Casa de Campo


casa de campo.gif

Casa de Campo is a 7,000 acre (about 5 square miles!!) large private luxury residential resort near La Romana on the south east side of the Dominican Republic. Casa de Campo is like a country with in the country. They have their own security force (not local police), hospital, schools, cinema plus a mega marina with lots of shops, restaurants and a supermarket. This 2000 luxury villa area has restricted access to residents, tourists and high society people only. That means 90% of general darker complexion of the Dominican population cannot visit Casa de Campo and are denied access to the beaches and restaurants. (That policy probably fits well with the statements and life of Fanjuls private secretary for 35 years, Chloe Black, read article below). Just ask the Dominican working class living in area of La Romana if they can visit Casa de Campo? The answer is no, and they will not even try!

Casa de Campo is a play ground for the rich(mostly white), the corrupt and the drug lords. In the last couple of years several drug lords connected to Dominican Republic has spend time or had properties in Casa de Campo.

This world famous luxury villa resort also host the ex Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, who was picked up by Leonel Fernandez’s private jet and now lives in exile in Casa de Campo despite the new government want him back to face charges of fraud in his home country.

The huge Casa de Campo resort is located on a very little fraction of the Fanjuls land, the family owns 240,000 acres in that area. The name of the family residence in Casa de Campo is Casa Grande President Bush has visited Casa de Campo at several occasions.


Watch this documentary video narrated by Paul Newman about the slavery conditions of the Haitian sugar cane workers in the Dominican Republic!



Story in TIME magazine and CNN explaining the Fanjul Casa de Campo sugar business:



 CNN/AllPolitics with Congressional Quarterly

Sweet deal why are these men smiling? The reason is in your sugar bowl

By Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele

TIME magazineOccupying a breathtaking spot on the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic, Casa de Campo is one of the Caribbean's most storied resorts. It bills itself as "a hedonist's and sportsman's dream," and that's truth in advertising. The place has 14 swimming pools, a world-class shooting ground, PGA-quality golf courses and $1,000-a-night villas.

A thousand miles to the northwest, in the Florida Everglades, the vista is much different. Chemical runoff from the corporate cultivation of sugar cane imperils vegetation and wildlife. Polluted water spills out of the glades into Florida Bay, forming a slimy, greenish brown stain where fishing once thrived.

Both sites are the by-product of corporate welfare.

In this case the beneficiaries are the Fanjul family of Palm Beach, Fla. The name means nothing to most Americans, but the Fanjuls might be considered the First Family of Corporate Welfare. They own Flo-Sun Inc., one of the nation's largest producers of raw sugar. As such, they benefit from federal policies that compel American consumers to pay artificially high prices for sugar.

Since the Fanjuls control about one-third of Florida's sugar-cane production, that means they collect at least $60 million a year in subsidies, according to an analysis of General Accounting Office calculations. It's the sweetest of deals, and it's made the family, the proprietors of Casa de Campo, one of America's richest.

The subsidy has had one other consequence: it has helped create an environmental catastrophe in the Everglades. Depending on whom you talk to, it will cost anywhere from $3 billion to $8 billion to repair the Everglades by building new dikes, rerouting canals and digging new lakes.

Growers are committed to pay up to $240 million over 20 years for the cleanup. Which means the industry that created much of the problem will have to pay only a fraction of the cost to correct it. Government will pay the rest. As for the Fanjuls, a spokesman says they are committed to pay about $4.5 million a year.

How did this disaster happen? With your tax dollars. How will it be fixed? With your tax dollars.

It is not news that sugar is richly subsidized, or that the Fanjuls have profited so handsomely. Even as recently as 1995, when Congress passed legislation to phase out price supports for a cornucopia of agricultural products, raw sugar was spared. Through a combination of loan guarantees and tariffs on imported sugar, domestic farmers like the Fanjuls are shielded from real-world prices. So in the U.S., raw sugar sells for about $22 a pound, more than double the price most of the world pays. The cost to Americans: at least $1.4 billion in the form of higher prices for candy, soda and other sweet things of life. A GAO study, moreover, has estimated that nearly half the subsidy goes to large sugar producers like the Fanjuls.

A spokesman for Flo-Sun, Jorge Dominicis, said the company disagrees with the GAO's estimate on the profits the Fanjuls and other growers derive from the program.

"That is supposed to imply somehow that our companies receive $60 million in guaranteed profits," he said, "and that is flat-out not true. Our companies don't make anywhere near that kind of profit."

Dominicis, like other proponents of the sugar program, contends that it doesn't cost taxpayers a penny and is not unlike government protection of other American industries. "If our [sugar policy] is corporate welfare, which I don't believe it is, then all trade policy is corporate welfare," he says.

Flo-Sun is run by four Fanjul brothers, Alfonso ("Alfie"), Jose ("Pepe"), Andres and Alexander. Their family dominated Cuba's sugar industry for decades, and they came to this country with their parents in 1959, after Fidel Castro seized power. The Fanjuls arrived just as a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project to control the flow of water in the Florida Everglades made large-scale development possible. The total acreage planted in sugar cane there soared--from 50,000 acres in 1960 to more than 420,000 today.

Within that swampy paradise lies yet another subsidy. Each year, according to a 1997 estimate, the Army Corps of Engineers spends $63 million to control water flow in central and south Florida. This enables growers to obtain water when they need it or restrain the flow during heavy rains. Of the $63 million, the Corps estimates $52 million is spent on agriculture, mainly sugar-cane farmers, in the Everglades.

Even with the additional production from the Glades, propped up by price supports, the U.S. can't produce all the sugar it needs. The Federal Government rations access to the lucrative U.S. market by assigning quotas to 40 sugar-producing nations, most of them developing countries. And, remarkably, the Fanjuls have found riches here too. Every year, the country that receives the largest sugar quota is the Dominican Republic. With a per-capita income of $1,600 a year and an unemployment rate hovering around 20%, that Caribbean nation needs all the economic help it can get. And who is the largest private exporter of Dominican sugar? The Fanjuls, thanks in part to their long-standing relationship with the Dominican Republic's politicians. Through a subsidiary, Central Romana Ltd., the brothers grow sugar cane and operate the world's largest sugar mill there. The profit margin is substantial, partly because cane cutters on the island earn about $100 a month, making production costs much lower than in Florida. From their Dominican plantation the Fanjuls export roughly 100,000 tons of raw, duty-free sugar each year to the U.S.

Whether they sell sugar from their holdings in the Everglades or from their mill in the Caribbean, the Fanjuls are guaranteed a U.S. price that is more than double anywhere else in the world. As might be expected, having it both ways has propelled the Fanjuls into the ranks of the richest Americans. Their wealth is counted in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

And although they appear frequently in the society pages, the Fanjuls won't be caught dead in the financial section. As Emilia Fanjul, the wife of Pepe, once confided to a society reporter, "We like to be private about the business."

Depending on the season, the Fanjuls can be found shooting game in Scotland, skiing in Switzerland or relaxing at their spectacular Casa de Campo. These 7,000 acres overlooking the sea have long been a favorite playground of the wealthy. But Palm Beach is still their real home, and Florida is still the heart of their financial empire. They now farm an estimated 180,000 acres of cane-producing land in the Everglades--43% of the total--making them one of the two-largest sugar growers in the state.

For decades, this region has been home to one of the worst jobs in America--hacking cane with a machete. Until the work was mechanized in the 1990s, the growers had to bring in thousands of cane cutters from the Caribbean every season. Yet in preserving the subsidy that has made millionaires of the Fanjuls, Congress has cited the fact that it saves American jobs.

Migrant-labor organizations and legal-aid groups in Florida have long waged an ongoing battle with the Fanjuls and other growers over the abysmal conditions. Greg Schell, an attorney with the Migrant Farmworkers Justice Project in Belle Glade, Fla., contends that of all the growers, the Fanjuls have treated their workers the worst. "They are in a class by themselves," he said. A lawsuit seeking back wages and benefits is expected to go to trial next spring.

Every few years, critics of the sugar program attempt to roll back the subsidy that has enriched the Fanjuls and kept sugar prices high. And every time they fail, largely because of the power of the sugar lobby, which includes not just large growers like the Fanjuls but thousands of small sugar-beet farmers in other parts of the nation.

Though by no means the largest special interest in Washington, the sugar lobby is one of the most well-heeled. And among growers, the Fanjuls are big givers. Family members and corporate executives have contributed nearly $1 million so far in this decade, dividing the money fairly evenly between political parties.

This knack for covering all political bases carries all the way to the top of the Fanjul empire. Alfonso Fanjul served as co-chairman of Bill Clinton's Florida campaign in 1992. His brother Pepe was national vice chairman of finance for Bob Dole's presidential campaign in 1996 and was host to a $1,000-a-head fund raiser for Dole at his Palm Beach mansion. After Clinton's 1992 victory, Alfie was a member of the select group invited by the Clinton camp to attend the President-elect's "economic summit" in Little Rock, Ark.

Careful readers of Kenneth Starr's impeachment report to Congress will note that on Feb. 19, 1996, Alfie called President Clinton while the President was closeted with Monica Lewinsky in an emotional meeting in the Oval Office. After breaking the news that "their intimate relationship" would have to end--temporarily, as it turned out--the President returned Fanjul's call; Lewinsky left. The two spoke for 22 minutes. The topic: a proposed tax on sugar farmers to pay for the Everglades cleanup. Fanjul reportedly told the President he and other growers opposed such a step, since it would cost them millions. Such a tax has never been passed.

That's access.  Source: CNN.com


Watch this documentary video narrated by Paul Newman about the slavery conditions of the Haitian sugar cane workers in the Dominican Republic!


Read also why you should stop sugar purchases from the Dominican Republic


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Billionaire sugar baron Pepe Fanjul is refusing to fire his executive assistant, Chloe Black, despite her being married first to a former Ku Klux Klan leader, and then to the founder of a white-supremacist group.

Chloe, who has worked for the Cuban-born owner of Florida Crystals for more than 35 years, is the ex-wife of former KKK leader David Duke, and the current wife of Don Black, a former KKK grand wizard and member of the American Nazi Party…… Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/linked_to_kkk_keeps_her_job_PfFEwT29YLqtToLV5MIgiI#ixzz17RCMr2fR


High profile spokesperson for Fanjuls business involved in Ponzi scheme

Former State Rep. Gaston Cantens, the high-profile spokesman for the Fanjul family’s West Palm Beach-based sugar empire, has agreed to pay $340,000 to creditors of his parents’ bankrupt company, which the Securities and Exchange Commission says ran a Ponzi scheme.  One of the reader comments: These Cubans are richer than the Donald trump. their wealth amounts to billions. we need an investigation as to the source of all their money now. and we need a criminal investigation go get the Fanjuls. and please go back to havana. Read full article here:  http://www.page2live.com/2010/04/27/florida-crystals-big-gaston-cantens-clawed-back/


Government provides a sweet deal for the Fanjul family

Several major American food companies have written to Agriculture Secretary Thomas Vilsack, saying they may run out of sugar if import restrictions aren’t eased.

Manufacturers are limited in the amount of tariff-free sugar they can import. As a result, domestic sugar prices are double world levels, which have soared as consumer demand outstrips supply. One of the largest beneficiaries over the years has been the Fanjul family in southern Florida.

The Fanjuls own Florida Crystals Corporation, a privately held company that last year saw revenues of $3 billion, according to The New York Times.

Click on the headline for the article to read the full article and see the map of relations of persons and companies!!!


Fanjul dogs died of heat stroke, was left inside their car!

A necropsy has determined that two dogs left in a hot Range Rover outside the home of a prominent Palm Beach family died of heat stroke, Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control officials said Monday.

Pepe Fanjul Jr. and Lourdes Fanjul will be cited with two counts of leaving an animal in an unoccupied vehicle, a civil infraction, which each carries a $100 fine.

Do they care about anything but money? Read the full article http://tinyurl.com/3y6h4gs



The Dominican Government and many local websites try to portray the Dominican Republic as a dream destination for holiday makers and investors, when in reality there are no consumer laws protecting them. Moreover too many tourists are getting killed and the entire country is full of corruption, fraud and drugs. Other serious problems are related to travel illnesses.

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Dominican Republic businessman accused of paying two men to murder cameraman

American Airlines to Implement Bag Embargo to Dominican Republic and Haiti for 30 Days

Magnitude 7.0 quake hits Haiti and shakes Dominican Republic

FBI, Elliotts and Sun Village in the Dominican Republic

Violent crimes up in December

Canadian killed in Dominican Republic

Rare form of TB comes to U.S.

Data charges in the Dominican Republic can get out of control

Norwegian beaten to death in Puerto Plata

Mission trip to the Dominican Republic

Canadian goes missing in Dominican Republic after taking over local business

Dominican authorities confiscate and destroy counterfeit cigars

Counterfeit cigars sold in Punta Cana Dominican Republic

FDA Warns Public of Continued Extortion Scam by FDA Impersonators

JetBlue Flight in DomRep Delayed After Threat

Dominican Republic involved in online gambling ring

Food poisoning sickens passengers from Dominican Republic trip

RCMP officer is now in the Dominican Republic to help with the investigation

Dominican authorities dismantle group selling sexual tourism online

Businessweek article about Derek Elliott's USD 170M Ponzi scheme

NY judge rules for Cuban cigars over Dominican copies

Dominican authorities bust a major deed forgery ring including top government officials

Ex-Councilman Miguel Martinez Sentenced to 5 Years in Theft of $106,000

Dominicans demand government solve plane mystery

No Cure No Pay service for defrauded real estate investors in the Dominican Republic

Crime's curse on the Caribbean

Most of the money is probably hidden away in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic’s bad boat rep hurts marinas, hotelier says

Failed bank’s ex chief claims ailments, delays start of US$600M fraud case

When Crime Comes to Paradise

Large number of newborns infected with HIV in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic’s ruling party got drug money, top official says

Dominican ruling party trembles as Senator dubs Governor “gangster”

PuntaPerla.org - Where did that frontman come from? Is he the new ghost in the project....

Plastic surgeon jailed and his clinic shuttered in Dominican Republic

'All inclusive resorts' do not assist local people

Most Dominican Government agencies fail transparency test

Police Bust Ring That Forged Documents for Haitians in Dominican Republic

Magnitude 3.6 Earthquake in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Government announces US$75M project without tenders

Dominican Republic unions condemn attacks on reporters

KSL 5 News investigates affinity fraud connected to Sun Village Juan Dolio in the Dominican Republic

Press Society urges Dominican Congress to maintain freedom of the press

Some Patients Risk It All On Stem Cell Treatment In The Dominican Republic

Dominican town blames U.S. power company AES for birth defects

Authorities link deputy to major drug traffickers

New Constitution Risks Higher Public Unrest In The Dominican Republic

Dominican doctors’ protest again met with tear gas

Thugs of convicted trafficker suspected of shooting at photojournalist

Dominican Television Producer Murdered

U.S. Embassy names 49 Dominican swindlers in huge visa scam

20% of Dominican Republic’s land still has no titles

Dominican Navy boats protected Colombian drug shipments

Dominican Republic’s media freedom suffers a setback

Wave of Violence Leaves 12 Dead in Northern Dominican Republic

Dominican Consulate Worker Sentenced for Smuggling Immigrants

Privatization at National Park revoked

Travel warning, dengue outbreak in the Dominican Republic

Dominican lawmaker accused of rape is a human trafficking convict

Dominican journalists still face perils, Reporters Without Borders says

AIDS patients concerned in the Dominican Republic

Panicked straphangers flee station as power glitch halts trains

Dominican Republic to Deploy 600 Soldiers Along Border with Haiti

Articles of the Constitution to be voided after lawmakers’ vote fraud

Dominican capital’s high rise constructions unveil lawlessness, corruption

Much more corrupt officials than the press knows about in the DR

Dominican journalist arrested and beated by police for demanding that the President starts promised works

Blackout halts Santo Domingo’s Metro for almost 1 hour

Electoral court scandals confirm Dominican Republic’s very corrupt ranking

Sun Village resort in Dominican Republic suddenly closes

Association claims Dominican milk products are not good for you

Sexual exploitation of minors on the rise in Santiago

5 Questons to "The Ritz" in Cabarete

Blackouts announced nationwide in the DR

Rocked by scandals, lawmakers seek to muzzle the Dominican media

The U.S. seeks extradition of 2 Dominican colonels, general’s son

Official had best ‘shut his mouth’ to hide another Dominican Government scandal

Can or will Dominicans learn from Taiwan?

New energy czar finds “enormous financial disaster”

Earthquake not far from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Dominican consul shot in HAITI

A "poor" Dominican lawmaker can afford a Rolls Royce

Nationwide blackout hits Dominican Republic, 10 detained

AA flight makes emergency landing in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic amoung TOP 10 most dangerous places

Esteban Rosario book tells all - 100% pure corruption

Man, well-known in community, taken by Dominican scammers


AH1N1 causes 3 more deaths in Dominican Republic

KIVA fraud in the Dominican Republic

Moderate quake rattles Dominican Republic

The unsafe life of Dominican journalists

Honeymoon couple's holiday from hell in the DR

Ex Dominican Central Banker charged with embezzling RD$10.6B

Several military busted in Las Americas Airport luggage theft ring

Santo Domingo’s Bishop Emeritus sees threats lurking

Tourist killed while drawing money from ATM machine in Santo Domingo

Murder Statistic for Santo Domingo City Center

Flu cases now number reach 182

RBS on Dominican Republic financial situation

Most of Dominican capital's high rises don’t meet seismic norms, experts say

A 4th Dominican bank chief is sent to jail this year

Dominican Republic, highest cost of living, lowest wages, poll

As much as 52% of a Dominican airfare is tax

AT&T Names Top Communications Scams and Offers Prevention Tips to Protect Consumers

Annoyance with the Government heightens tension, sociologists warn

New Money Scams In United States From The Dominican Republic

HolidayTravelWatch continues to receive many complaints from holidaymakers

Earthquake - Magnitude 3.8 - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

Dominican doctors prolong strike for wage hike

Dominican Product Sold Illegally In The Unites States

Federal judge orders special master to monitor and investigate financial assets and operations of the Elliotts

Unrest at the border between Haiti and Dominican Republic

More Complaints Over Lifestyle Holidays and LH Escrow Company

Human Rights Watch, Dominican cops use onions to torture

Judges sentences former Dominican Republic bank director

Real estate scams in the Dominican Republic

Juan Dolio Estate Agent Involved in Huge Check Fraud

Dominican Republic and The World's Largest Bank Fraud Measured in GDP

Fitch withdraws rating on Cap Cana - so what will happen now? - join discussion & read comments!

Elliott Group lies about Sun Village Juan Dolio in recent article

Elliott Group admits “difficulties,” - Watch the videos with Derek Elliott!

Three ex Blackouts Reduction Program officials charged with embezzlement

Annual Human Rights Report on Dominican Republic

False documentation used to apply for a loan of £1.4m from a bank in the Dominican Republic

Two die, one injured as blackouts spark protests nationwide

Nationwide blackout hits all in the Dominican Republic

Police general placed on retirement for criticizing the Armed Forces

Catholic Church demands an end to government corruption

Major Dominican company to be charged with selling unfit foods

Where is all the money paid into the Punta Perla real estate project?


Dominican corruption probe under way

Demands to halt Dominican Government corruption

Corruption uncontrollable in the Dominican Republic

UK company admits bribing officials

Fuel smuggling reveals Dominican society’s generalized corruption

Protests Intensify in the Dominican Republic

Eight years for attempting to smuggle cocaine out of the Dominican Republic

Lots of money, fraud and corruption in Dominican Baseball

UNESCO warned over university awards scam

Another UK Couple in legal action over Dominican holiday

New lawsuits in the Derek Elliott and Sun Village timeshare dispute

Air France 747 aborts flight from Dominican Republic

Group demands indictments against corrupt Dominican Government officials

Consumer protection investigation of Lifestyle Holidays in Puerto Plata

Report opens Dominican Energy czar’s can of worms

Dominican Electricity rates up again, again!

Exams were sold

More than 200 victims in Dominican wedding scam

Another Juan Dolio Scam - US Lawsuit of USD 3M

Stop Dominican Property Sharks

After a 14 year ban, a Dominican airline starts regular flights today

Ex-Dominican Dictator’s Granddaughter to Avoid Awards Ceremony

Dominican Watchdog also on Facebook

Mum’s payout for holiday from hell, now she gives an eyewitness report

Lottery Scams in the US from 809 Dominican Republic area code

One more dead of swine flu in Dominican Republic

2 jailed and 11M Euro recovered in huge Dutch Dominican real estate scam

U.S. judge appoints special master in Sun Village Resorts case

Dominican College in the US faces fine for underreporting crime statistics

Dutch and Dominican investigators probe into a 100M Euro fraud

Large hotels in the DR is bad for the locals and the tourists

Caribbean mobilises silent army against travel tax

U.K. couple suing First Choice for holiday hell in the Dominican Republic

Dominican authorities bust ID theft ring, seize 1,000 cell phones

Second restraining order issued in Dominican Republic against Canadian development teams’ assets

More documents and information about the Elliott lawsuit

Time for Rating sytem on projects and Developers

Four shot and injured plus 110 squatters arrested in the Dominican Republic

A dilemma of Dominican dailies according to DominicanToday

New Google blog about Dominican Corruption

As rumors of Canadian tourism investments in Pedernales grow, so do squatters

New marketing campaign for Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Why are Dominicans so corrupt?

Dealing gold in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is under-reporting swine flu casas

More than 2,1 million Dominican households don't pay for the electricity they consume

Reinaldo Pared Pérez admites pression against journalist in article about abort

More Juan Dolio real estate scams

Increased rates to end blackouts? - How about just fixing the problem!

Dominican Watchdog to expand into Spanish and German language.

Dominican Senator calls hot springs lease contract “confusing and strange”

We Tell It as It Is - No Matter Who - No Matter What

Resort Condominiums International cheated investors in timeshares in the Dominican Republic

FREEZE order in the Dominican Republic in USD 170 Million real estate fraud case

BREAKING NEWS - DominicanToday.com has altered article about HRH Prince Albert of Monaco.

5 tips for avoiding the latest hotel scam in the Dominican Republic

New UN bio-fuel program for the Dominican Republic must be secured against corruption.

Questions to HRH Prince Albert of Monaco about his involvement in Punta Perla DR

New $200 Million Resort Planned for Cabarete Dominican Republic

Car dealers are selling stolen cars in the Dominican Republic

Americas Real Estate Expo 2009 from July 1st. -4th. in Santo Domingo

More corruption in the electricity sector equals more blackouts for consumers

Be careful with squatters in the Dominican Republic

Fraud and weak land laws led to 5 murders in the Dominican Republic

New Report From UN about Foreign Investments in the Dominican Republic - What They Missed!

Ex officials charged with embezzling RD$79M in onion deal

Telecommunication is still far behind in the Dominican Republic

Travel Warning - Check website of your embassy for unrest areas in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Congress debates the environment today

The Dominican Tourism Real Estate Companies Ass.(ADETI) Against New Law Increasing Taxes.

More blackouts and more corruption in the Dominican Republic

Accused face 10 years in prison in 3rd largest Dominican bank collapse

Dominican Republic amoung the worlds worst intellectual property rights violators.

Dominican police and drug agency involved in heavy narcotics trading themselves

Quality of living in the Dominican Republic

227 Dominican officials charged with corruption 

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